Website Design Elements

Welcome to our Website Design Elements pages! We've assembled this set of pages as a toolset to help kickstart the design process for your new business website. The samples are designed to serve as a starting point in order to help us identify the important elements of your new custom website design. Let’s get started.


  1. Select a Color Scheme: Please choose one color scheme from the sample page, or follow the instructions on the page to create your own. (Need help? Check out our article on Color Psychology Basics for Business.)
  2. Select a Font Family: Please choose one font family from the Serif or Sans Serif category on the sample page, or select your own from Google’s font collection. (Optional: Select a second font family under the Display, Handwriting or Monospace category.)
  3. Select a Website Layout: Please select one website layout from the sample page. (Optional: You may choose more than one layout if there are pieces you like from different layouts, please indicate which you would like us to combine in to your custom design draft.)
  4. E-mail your selections to with the subject: “Website Design Elements.”