Privacy Policy

As is the case with most websites, the server upon which this site resides collects basic data about your visit to this site, including your computer’s IP address, your web browser type, operating system type, and what pages linked you to this site. We refer to this server-collected information as "traffic data." The staff at Smart Access IT, Inc. (dba Smart Access Media) may utilize such aggregated traffic data to interpret the usefulness and popularity of the website, and to develop improvements to it. The Smart Access IT may make traffic data available to its employees, contractors or other third parties to the extent necessary for them to perform certain site-related services on the Smart Access IT’s behalf.

This site may make use of temporary or “session” cookies in order to enable the basic functionality of the site. Most web browsers have the capability to reject cookies, and if you are concerned about the usage of cookies, you are encouraged to avail yourself of that technology. Please be advised, however, that this site may not function properly for you without cookies.

Certain links to third-party websites appear on this website. Such third-party websites may gather the same traffic data about visitors that this website does, additional data, or different data entirely. You are encouraged to review the privacy policy of any website you visit by following the link found on this website.

This Privacy Policy was adopted on March 15, 2021. Subsequent changes to the policy, if any, will be announced through changes to this webpage.