Blue Core CMS™

The website management system designed for companies having stores or offices in multiple locations, and where each location should have its own dedicated website.

You get both centralized and decentralized control at the same time.

Three Short Introductory Videos

1. Introduction to the Multi-Site Challenges Solved by Blue Core CMS™

This three-minute video introduces the challenges and tradeoffs faced by companies having multiple locations.
Traditional solutions are presented, along with a new solution that eliminates the historical tradeoffs.

2. Introduction to the Solution - Case Study

See how Blue Core CMS delivers both centralized and decentralized control.

3. Features and Capabilities of Blue Core CMS

Compliance enforcement and Internet marketing support features are presented.

Compliance enforced across hundreds or thousands of websites?


Compliance Enforcement: How it Works

Blue Core CMS enables corporate management to monitor and control the aspects of all company websites they care about most, while regional website administrators get the freedom to customize as they see fit, but only within corporate-allowed bounds.

  • Corporate management can centrally control some parts of all regional websites to ensure compliance with corporate policies, regulations and identity standards.
  • Regional management can independently customize other parts of their websites for local marketing purposes.

Customizations of regional websites are limited by Blue Core CMS to only the portions of the websites corporate management allows to be customized, with all other aspects managed centrally by corporate management.

Who Wins With Blue Core CMS

Corporate Management

Enforced Compliance

Corporate management can enforce brand consistency and legal compliance requirements across all company websites.

The compliance status of all company websites can be easily reviewed and controlled.

Scalable Lead Data Collection

Data collected in each local website can be automatically routed to corporate CRM.

Sales leads are never lost or stuck in a local website.

Visibility and Control

Corporate management can centrally manage and audit the entire set of company websites.

Regional Locations

Each Gets Own Website

Each website is customizable to feature the local business and serve its local marketing objectives.

Local administrators can add or remove pages, modify text and photos, etc.

Local Marketing Support

Having a dedicated website per location enables the extensive local marketing targeting support of all the big Internet marketing services.

Compliance is Ensured

Local administrators do not need to take extra steps to ensure their website conforms to corporate identity and legal requirements. Compliance is enforced automatically for them.

Sales Prospects

More Likely to Find the Website

Local customers searching the Internet are far more likely to find the business when its website is optimized for local search.

The local websites can be customized to support local marketing initiatives.

See Only the Information Desired

Customers will quickly find the information they want because they are not navigating a centralized corporate website with a lot of information they do not care about.

Simpler Experience

Locally optimized websites provide a simpler experience for visitors than is possible with a more complicated corporate website. Simpler experiences result in higher conversion rates.

Blue Core CMS™ is a next-generation website management system designed to meet the demands of a fast-paced marketplace where mass customization is desired.

Blue Core CMS(TM) Abstract

Micro Service-Based Architecture

Enterprise Class Database

Cloud Deployment and Scalability

Pat standing next to computer monitor

With Blue Core CMS, new websites are created and added to the existing set of company websites in seconds, and are immediately. . . 

Endowed with corporate branding

Compliant with corporate legal and policy requirements

Full-featured and ready for targeting local markets

Getting Started: How it Works

  1. A Targeted Communications Plan is developed to ensure the pages and content in all the websites will meet corporate marketing and communications objectives.

  2. A Measurement Plan is developed to provide insights into website visitor activity.

  3. A set of model websites is crafted for each corporate scenario.
    • Each model website is branded per corporate identity standards.
    • Each model website is developed to satisfy requirements for compliance from the corporate office. For example, each model website might include the corporate privacy policy, cookie policy, or shipping and returns policy.
  4. All local websites are created from one of the model sites.

  5. Each new local website is then customized for local marketing purposes.

    Customizations are limited to only the portions of the local websites corporate management allows to be customized, with all other aspects managed by the corporate management.

  6. Over time, data gathered from each website's analytics service account are evaluated, with analytics informing future marketing decisions.

Who is it for?

Corporate management wanting visibility, insight and control over all regional websites.

Corporate legal and compliance management wanting to enforce compliance with corporate policy, identity standards and legal requirements.

Corporate marketing departments wanting to leverage the entire set of company websites for sales lead data acquisition.

Regional office management or franchise business owners wanting their own complete website (not merely a page within the corporate website), served at their own domain name, that is extensively customizable for targeting of local markets.

Regional office management or franchise business owners who don’t want to think about compliance requirements, yet need to ensure their websites are in compliance. Blue Core CMS™ automatically ensures their respective local websites remain in compliance, with no additional work on the part of regional office management or franchise business owners.

Everyone Wins

Corporate management can enforce compliance requirements

Regional offices get own customizable website for targeting local markets

Customers more easily find and navigate the local website

Want to see it in action?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Administration

How does the system enforce compliance with policy and identity standards?   Read More   Read Less

The system tightly controls which aspects of regional websites are modifiable by local administrators, and which parts are managed by corporate/compliance staff.

Entire pages or sections of page content can be designated as off-limits to local administrators.

The parts of regional websites that are off-limits to local administrators are managed by corporate administrators.

The parts of websites that are managed by corporate administrators are typically the parts related to corporate policy and identity standards. For example, most websites have a Privacy Policy that would be managed centrally by corporate administration.

What’s an example of a scenario where a corporate office would want to manage content in a local regional website?   Read More   Read Less

Laws and regulations change from time-to-time and corporate policies are periodically revised. When this happens, legal documents may need to be updated, and frequently parts of websites also need to be updated accordingly. For example, this occurs when company’s Privacy Policy is updated, or a Shipping and Returns Policy is changed.

In these scenarios, any regional websites should be updated accordingly. With Blue Core CMS, modifying the Privacy Policy (for example) across dozens or hundreds of regional websites is very quick and easy. As soon as the corporate management updates the Privacy Policy document and publishes the update, all regional websites are updated in a matter of a few seconds.

What about the parts of the website that are modifiable by local administrators; what’s to prohibit them from publishing information or images that go against company policy?   Read More   Read Less

Blue Core CMS™ offers an option that requires corporate-level approval to publish. When this feature is enabled, local administrators first make their updates as they desire. Before they are able to publish the updates, they must request approval from corporate management. The updates cannot be published unless and until approved by corporate management.

Why not have one big corporate website with a section for each regional location?   Read More   Read Less

The biggest reason to give each regional location its own website is to improve the experience of customers searching for a local business. Rather than presenting customers with a large corporate website with a lot of information they don’t care about or need, it is more effective to deliver a local website having just the information the customers are wanting and needing.

The regional locations benefit substantially in that they are able to more effectively engage Internet marketing services and otherwise rank more highly in search engine results for local searches.

Limiting regional offices to a page or small section in a big corporate website limits their marketing options. With the Blue Core CMS™ system, the regional offices get their own custom website, while the corporate needs for compliance are satisfied.

Everybody wins when each location has own website: Customers more easily find their local business/office; regional offices get more flexibility; and corporate management enforces compliance requirements.

How can Blue Core CMS™ benefit the corporate offices beyond the compliance enforcement features?   Read More   Read Less

The entire set of regional websites can be leveraged for sales lead data acquisition purposes. Each website can have one or more inquiry forms or questionnaires. Whenever a form or questionnaire is filled out by a sales lead and submitted, the data they provide is automatically recorded in a database. That data can then be entered into the corporate CRM (e.g., Sales Force).

Without the Blue Core CMS™ system, sales lead data would be stuck in each independent website or obscure email box where it could be missed, ignored, or otherwise neglected. With Blue Core CMS™, the data can be centrally stored and processed.

Local / Regional Administration

Is my website simply part of the corporate website?   Read More   Read Less

No. Your website is a stand-alone website with only the pages and content needed to present your business and offerings to your target markets.

Does my website have its own domain name?   Read More   Read Less

Yes, your website will have its own domain name. It will not be served from a sub-folder of the corporate website. For example, your website would be available at:, and not something like:

How much can I customize my website?   Read More   Read Less

Because your website is a stand-alone website (within the Blue Core CMS™ system), it can be customized extensively. You can add and remove pages, reorganize the site’s menu(s), and modify virtually any other aspect of your website.

Blue Core CMS™ websites can even be extended to integrate with external websites to deliver a completely unique solutions.

Limitations on customizability will ultimately be determined by company policy or budget; not limitations of the constituent technologies.

Who can customize my website?   Read More   Read Less

You can customize your website; or we can customize it for you; or you can hire an independent web expert to perform the desired customizations.

The Blue Core CMS™ system provides a powerful and easy-to-use self-service administrative interface designed for “non-technical” business owners.

When or why would I want the corporate offices to manage parts of my website?   Read More   Read Less

The parts managed by the corporate offices are typically the parts your website must have, but you don’t want to manage. For example, the corporate Privacy Policy and similar.

The Blue Core CMS™ system lets you modify the parts of the website you do want to control, while keeping your site in compliance with corporate requirements with no additional effort on your part.

And because the parts having to do with corporate compliance cannot be modified by local administrators, you don’t have to worry about any web expert you may hire accidentally deleting or otherwise hurting the parts of your website that keep it in compliance with corporate policy.