Hybrid Websites Infographic

Hybrid Websites

Hybrid Websites combine two or more web applications [behind the scenes] into one final website. The [two or more] web applications are seamlessly integrated such that the final website has the look and feel of a single coherent website.

Why You Should Care

This is the mechanism that delivers all functionality you need, even sophisticated custom functionality or legacy features never anticipated for Blue Core CMS.

Blue Core CMS does not attempt to satisfy all of your website needs with its built-in capabilities. Instead, Blue Core CMS can be seamlessly integrated with your legacy systems or entirely new but separate systems custom-built to deliver your organization's custom functionality.

By encapsulating your custom functionality in its own separate web application, we keep maintain a clean separation of concerns. By stitching the external web applications together with Blue Core CMS at the visual layer, we provide your end-users with a seamless browsing experience. They will typically have no idea they are navigating between two or more independently developed systems.

Why Hybrid Websites Are Useful

Most business websites present basic informational pages along with business-specific functionality. Sometimes the unique functionality is complicated. To reduce costs of deploying websites having custom functionality, we have a unique solution. We implement the basic informational and standard components in our Blue Core CMS™ system. The pre-built components and functionality in Blue Core CMS™ reduce costs and time to market. We separately develop a completely custom web application for only the custom features needed. We then integrate the two websites into one at the user interface layer so they present as one coherent website.

Benefits of Hybrid Websites

  • Significantly reduced costs when compared to an equivalent but completely custom website.
  • Significantly reduced development time and therefore faster time to go-live.
  • Ease of administration via our Blue Core CMS™ platform.
  • Ownership of what counts (you own the custom-developed web application).