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Business Websites

We deliver the professionally designed and supported website you need to effectively communicate your business value to your target markets.

Guided Process

We start by conducting a guided process to develop your Targeted Communications Plan, which identifies your business model, value propositions, target markets and communications goals. Our guided process ensures that your website will most effectively speak to your target markets and customers. We then build your website to satisfy the requirements defined by the Targeted Communications Plan.

Blue Core CMS™

We develop business websites using the powerful technology of our website hosting platform, Blue Core CMS™. Built specifically for business owners, Blue Core CMS™ includes all of the website features and components that most businesses need.

Technology that Gives You Control

Blue Core CMS™ gives you as much control as you want over the ongoing management of your website. Some business owners want the convenience of self-service updates, while others simply want the updates made for them; we support both prferences. There are two ways to make updates:

1. Make Updates Yourself
Blue Core CMS™ includes a suite of self-service administrative tools designed specifically to enable “non-technical” business owners to perform routine updates safely. 

2. Have us make updates for you
We will operate the self-service administrative tools on your behalf, at no additional charge.

Technology that Lowers Your Costs

Blue Core CMS™ significantly lowers the cost of website creation and support as compared to traditional offerings on the open market.

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